U N R U L Y C H I L D . N E T

Enter The Rabbit Hole - 2014

First Impressions


...to each and every one of you for your positive reception of our newest work!

When we began the creative process on these songs we made a promise to ourselves to go wherever the "imaginative winds" would take us.

We weren't interested in recapturing a sound, revisiting the "old days" or targeting the listener - as we truly believe that to be an overt exercise in being condescending to our audience and to ourselves.

In life and in art, there are times you just gotta take a deep breath, trust your heart and walk down a different path.

So far, you've let us know that you're with us...

Love You All...

"This production is fantastic! Such passionate vocals, powerful and heartfelt lyrics, and excellent instrumentals. Truly another UC masterpiece! I absolutely love it! "

"Down The Rabbit Hole (Side 1) does not disappoint. Electric and acoustic guitars mix with keyboards and layer upon layer of background vocals...this is no basement recording; this is a sound and mix that people labored over! Do not hesitate...."

"Keep the songs coming! You know your audience needs it!"

"The whole band has so much talent."

"...takin` that second look made the world a better place for you all personally . And for the fans. Good on you, good on us "

"Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long Live Unruly Child Band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"



"Awesome! Love & Light. xxxx"

"good, good - try freeking awesome. Together, Unruly is one of the best in my book..."

"Awesome so far - as expected."

"amazing !!!!"

"Sounds awesome! You sound great! Thx for sharing your wonderful talent:)"

"awesome great music from great people - love unruly child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"The best of the best together in UC!!!"

"...told you all the best had yet to come and here it is there best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Love This !"

"Great one!!!!!"

"Love, love, love all the amazing creativity that comes from the members of UC!!!!"

"I got it and love it!"


"Listening now. Sounding fantastic!"

"...got it !!!! awesome !!!! can't wait for part 2 !!"


"...perfection as always"

"Beautiful! I'm in love..."

"I just bought the cd after listening to the preview tracks at Soundcloud and I'm completely stunned. Awesome music you created and Marcie's voice is breathtaking. Gives me a warm feeling like heroine."

"This just made my day!! One of my favourite bands ever back again with a new album! Fantastic! Absolutley loved the last one and I like the newish direction this one takes as well. Also, it´s such a treat to have one of the best voices of AOR hitting the musical waves again: Marcie Free! Christmas just came early this year!"

Unruly Child - The Genesis

It's the year 1990.

The band World Trade had run its course and Bruce Gowdy and I decided to try something new.
We had a lot in common. We grew up listening to the classic bands of the sixties and seventies. Everything in-between and including the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Queen and Elton John had had an impact on our musical tastes. We wanted to make music that had progressive elements, like World Trade, but we never wanted to lose sight of the the melody.
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